Games for Pet Birds

Games for birds, Even if we are having a lazy day, we humans need something to keep ourselves busy or entertained. Nowadays with our smartphones, all the entertainment that we want to have is in our hands easily. Other than that, we can watch television, call our friends or have a video call. 

What about our pets? Especially pet birds who like to fly in the wild and explore every tree and branch differently.

In this post, we would acquaint you with some games for pet birds to play at home. Unlike dogs and cats, birds are kept in a cage, which means they need a different set of entertainment activities to keep them stress-free. 

Why Is It Important To Keep Pet Bird Engaged? 

Just like a man is a social animal, birds also survive in their own social groups and pairs. They like to keep each other company to lead a happy and healthy life.

Pet birds do not like when they are left alone for more time. They like to build a connection with their owners for which the owner must keep their pet birds busy with fun activities.

The reason for planning daily fun activities is the prevention of boredom and depression that birds might get themselves into if left alone for a longer period of time. The common signs of such depression can be visible when they start plucking their feathers, damage their own wings, make extra noises, and sometimes bite their own feet. 

How to Play With a Bird in a Cage

The size of the cage matters crucially when you own a pet bird. Birds need free space to roam around and explore different dimensions of the cage itself. It is recommended that numerous perches within the cage could be a good idea.

The size of the bird itself should determine the size of the cage. If the bird is small and the cage is small too, then he won’t have much freedom to move around.

At a certain time of the day, the bird is allowed to roam free in your house. He might like to jump on the tables, walk on the bedsheet and even sit on your shoulder to have a mingling time with his owner. It would be a good experience to come out of the cage and feel different soft and hard materials under his feet and touch them with his beak.

Moreover, we can give you several other ways how to play with a bird in a cage, such as giving him some exercises to do, giving him a paper ball to rock and roll, giving him shred able toys to play with in his cage or some swinging Ferris wheels to be playful on his own. 

Fun Ways to Keep Pet Birds Engaged 

After looking for vet recommendations and some other pet bird owners who told us what worked with their birds and what not, we came up with this list of fun ways to keep pet birds engaged at home. Read on!

Top Games for Pet Birds to Enjoy at Home

1. Card games for pets birds:

Fun games are not for keeping their boredom away but also for their mental strengthening. Some memory-building games for pet birds to play at home like matching cards are a fun way to start with. You can build your own cards instead of using the normal deck of cards. Your DIY cards can have pictures of fruits, vegetables, trees, etc. that you can put upside down on the table. The bird would find one by one and try to match the picture of one card with another. 

2. Puzzle games for pets birds:

Use a puzzle for keeping the pet bird entertained at home. You can choose a cheap puzzle game board with 100 pieces that your pet would like to pick up piece by piece. If you don’t mind your pet destroying the pieces, it would be fun for him to use his beak for picking the pieces and perhaps keep them back in the box one after the other. 

3. Chess games for pets birds:

Do you know chess is one of the most intriguing and patience-learning games for birds? Learning patience through chess is not about following the hard and fast rules of the game itself. It is just about moving, rolling, and pushing the game pieces. Some chess boards are magnetic and the game pieces have magnets underneath too.

The parrot would stay busy when he would try to take one piece in his mouth and make it stand on another coloured block. His beak might spill a piece one time and another time, he could be successful.

This is the best way to let him keep trying till he has succeeded- an excellent way to learn patience. Also, you can replace the game pieces with some colourful berries that the parrot would like to fidget around with and then put in their mouth. 

4. Phone games for pets birds:

Phone games for birds is a new way to keep them completely absorbed in a world full of new activities. For example, apps for birds where they can learn new words and repeat them after the app speaks to them are fun ways to teach them how to talk with other people effectively. They could even learn what to answer when someone asks them questions. For instance, if you ask a parrot “are you hungry?” he might answer “yes, I am hungry, I would like some nuts!” 

Then there are phone games that keep the bird occupied for hours. There could be a housefly flying on the phone screen that your bird would try to catch but could not. There could be a balloon appearing on the screen and as soon as the bird touches it, it pops. You could reward the bird if he accomplishes these small tasks by giving him a treat which would motivate him to do better next time.

Give him your time:

Let him play around you. If it is your working desk, let him pick that pencil, let him flip a book, and let him fly over and under the table. You can make a necklace of berries and put it around your neck for the bird to pick and eat by himself. Keeping birds entertained at home could also stimulate you to think of new ways to use the hidden treasures at your home for innovative ways of playing.


Keeping pet birds entertained at home is essential for their physical and mental well-being. As social creatures, birds require social interaction and stimulation to thrive. Providing them with a variety of toys, perches, and activities such as foraging and training can keep them mentally stimulated and physically active.

Additionally, spending quality time with your bird through daily interaction and training can strengthen the bond between you and your feathered friend. By making the effort to keep your pet bird engaged, you can ensure a happy and healthy life for your feathered companion.

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