Revolutionize Your Cat’s Litter Experience with Electronic Litter Box

Electronic litter box

You love cats but don’t like its littering around? Or don’t like cleaning its litter when she is done? You must be one of those people who have to call your brother or sister, your mother, father, or anyone else at home to do THE task.

Well, an electronic litter box seems to be the answer for you then. If you are living alone in a flat or apartment, you are a student who has to attend classes but is worried about who would take care of your cat’s litter once you are out, then an electronic litter box is a life-saving solution. 

What is an electronic litter box, what does it do, how it can be used effectively, and whether it is recommended by vets are all the questions answered in this post today. 

Read on then!

What Is An Electronic Litter Box?

An electronic litter box is also called a self-cleaning litter box. It has washable granules that are made from both natural and synthetic materials. The materials are biodegradable.

The granules give the feel of litter to your cat. She’d enjoy curling up, burrowing her feet, and hiding like a regular cat.

You might be wondering how the electronic litter box works in general. It is connected to your home’s standard water supply It functions similarly to a regular automatic washing machine, drawing water from the faucet. It is a do-it-yourself project that you can quickly install to your bathroom or laundry room. You don’t need to hire a plumber!

Some of the best self-cleaning litter boxes offer granules that are already dust-free. You just have to freshen them two times a day. A 30-minute cleaning cycle is instigated within the cat litter box for self-cleaning. The waste is automatically cleaned and moved out of your house, Just like the flushing system in your toilet and your house remains clean. 

Features of Electronic Litter Box

Some of the useful features of self-cleaning litter box that would help you decide whether to buy it or not are:

  • Several best self-cleaning litter boxes have the capacity to accommodate up to three cats. Since their cleaning cycle requires 30 minutes, you could train cats one after the other to go use the cat litter box by themselves and come out clean on their own. With automatic cleaning, which is a great feature itself, the electronic litter box keeps odors away! It keeps the machine fresh for the next use and does not make your house or the room, where it is kept for the cat, stinky.
  • You don’t have to feel a hassle for cleaning it every now and then. We told you, in the beginning, it would be a great blessing for you if you are that person who does like cleaning cat litter or are a student who has to go out of your apartment but are a bit worried about your cat’s cleaning. 
  • With this comes another added benefit when you are away for a short trip, you would not have to hire a cat sitter. The litter box would take care of your cat’s routine, cleaning and removing the odor altogether!
  • It uses less litter as compared to the traditional cat litter box. It keeps your cats’ paws clean as the granules are fresh for the next use. 
  • It is Wi-Fi enabled so that your cat’s activity is easily monitored on your smartphone. The notifications are sent to your phone without trouble. 
  • It is worth mentioning that you have to spend less to buy new litter, the granules, every time from the market!

Do Electronic Litter Boxes Work?

You should know the advantages and disadvantages before buying an electronic litter box. It would be no use if you get to know that your cat doesn’t like it. Also, you should consult your pet’s veterinarian before making a final buying decision. 

The self-cleaning litter box is noiseless and cleans the litter without a sound. The sifting and rotation clean the box conveniently, keeps the trash box fresh and cleans it for cats.

When you have three cats or a cat with three kittens, as its benefits cite, you do not have to worry that the next cat going to use the box would be uneasy while using it due to its unhygienic properties or full of odor issue. 

Do Cats Like Automatic Litter Boxes?

It is always a time-taking process when you have to train your cats to get used to an electronic litter box. Just like humans have a learning curve, animals (cats) have too.

Before training your cat to divert to an electronic litter box, keep the litter box switched off from behind. After the cat gets used to it, you can switch it on and use it on a regular basis. 

It would be a good idea to keep the cat’s traditional litter box nearby so that her transition period is not uncomfortable. The cat might prefer going to the traditional box first but would definitely choose the electronic litter box later. 

Do you know, why do vets not recommend closed litter boxes?

Normally, cats look around while doing their THING. They do not want anyone to attack them and want to be vigilant while they are releasing themselves out. It is quite a remarkable feature of cat’s nature. They do not want to get trapped and hence, the vets feel, closed litter boxes or electronic boxes might not be a good idea.

One more reason that vets don’t recommend closed litter boxes is that they trap smell inside. However, with electronic litter box, this is not the case. You should not be worried though. You can still decide for getting a pleasant surprise for your kitty cat! 


In conclusion, electronic litter boxes offer several benefits for cat owners, including ease of use, reduced odor, and improved hygiene. They are equipped with features such as automatic cleaning, self-cleaning,

and waste disposal, making it easier for cat owners to maintain a clean and healthy environment for their pets. While they may be more expensive than traditional litter boxes,

The convenience and efficiency they provide are well worth the investment. Electronic litter boxes have become increasingly popular among cat owners, and they are likely to become even more prevalent in the future.

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