Essential Checklist (Things) When Travelling With Your Cat for a Purr-Fect Vacation

Travelling With Your Cat

You and your cat have each other. Your cat is at home alone while you are away at university or the office. You’ve decided to go on a holiday with a buddy or to return to your home country for a while to see your family and relatives.

Moving with your cat for the first time would be an exhilarating experience, but you do not know what things to carry when you are flying your cat pet. In this post, we are going to help you find some of the best checklist pieces that you MUST have while Travelling With Your Cat feline friend.

How to Take Your Cat on Vacation

The first thing that comes to your mind when you finally decide to take your cat with you is “how to take your cat on vacation”. You definitely would not want to sit on an airplane with nothing on your side for your cat’s needs.

What if your cat wants to go to the washroom? Just like humans. You certainly can’t put a diaper on her, like human babies, yes? 

What if suddenly your cat starts making a fuss when she is hungry and the flight is too long? You do not want to make your first enjoyable flying experience into a worrisome one, for you, your cat, and all the other fellow passengers. 

Also, you should know beforehand if your cat has a health condition or gets tired too easily when traveling via travel. However, since it would be your first time, you do not want any hassle.

You should be fully prepared to see if your cat makes a fuss or not. For this, you need to pack with all the NECESSARY stuff that your cat would need while in the air. 

Is It Safe For Your Cat To Fly on an Airplane?

Travelling With Your Cat on vacation is a big concern when you are doing it for the first time. You must consult your pet’s vet a few weeks before when you are still finalizing your trip. You must discuss how long would be the flight, what things to take care of while you are on the plane, and whether your cat’s health is in fine condition that she should not make a fuss. 

Also, check with the airplane company if your cat’s breed is enlisted on the ‘allowed’ list for traveling. Some cat breeds like Burmese, Persian, and Exotic Shorthair are more at risk of getting respiratory problems. While Travelling With Your Cat on vacation, the stress and anxiety for your pet as well as for yourself are more likely to increase. 

What to Pack When Flying With a Cat 

Now that you have finally decided that you are your cat are Travelling With Your Cat together, you should make a list of things that you need to pack when flying with a cat

Here we go with the list. 

Cat Carrier 

You don’t want the cat to tangle in the feet of other passengers when the flight has taken off. Some people have cat allergies as well. You want to make sure the cat stays in its cat carrier which is a good choice for travel.

It is made of hard plastic but comfortable on the inside. Placing a towel or blanket could make it softer for the cat to even sleep inside. Be mindful of its size so that you can keep it in your feet or on one side where the air hostess does not find it difficult to walk around or have to jump over the carrier that might be too big to handle. It could even cause injury to your pet. 

Cat Bed

We already told you one option of making a cat carrier bag into its bed but there’s one more option too. Separate cat beds could be comfy bedding for your cat to relax if he is uneasy for the first time on the flight. 

A sack-shaped bed would be easy for you to fold, pack and carry on the airplane. It is a good hideaway for your cat too who loves to sleep in small and cozy places. It is a form of protection for the cats when they cuddle inside completely with an inner plush bed.

The front is open and the cat can take out its head easily. It makes the noise of a shopping bag, which could be irritating for you or your fellow passengers. However, once the cat settles in and is off for a doze, it would be one of the best cat beds. It is fun for the cat to play with as the noise of the shopping bag is loved by this pet.

Note: It is machine washable and crinkle-free. 

Cat Litter and Disposable Box 

Is it safe for cats to fly on airplanes without a litter bag? Certainly not, because neither the aviation manufacturer nor you want your aircraft to get dirty and stinky.

We brought two options: the disposable cat litter box and the disposable cat litter bags. Carrying two items may cause you concern, but it is advisable to take cleaning precautions carefully.

  • The disposable litter tray is made from plastic-free cardboard materials which are 100% recyclable. You can pack one or two for your flight. It is dry and keeps litter from falling. It is water-resistant as well. It keeps the odors away and has a naturally attractive design that would induce the cats to go towards it and release themselves easily. 

Secondly, the cat litter bags are disposable as well that have a strong and can be put on the litter tray conveniently. The bags are foldable and perfectly apt for traveling. The pack includes 10 pieces, however, you can put 4-5 in your traveling bag to serve the purpose. 

The litter bags would not make your hands dirty, they are waterproof, long-lasting, and effortlessly disposable. 

Scratch Toys 

Besides taking care of litter, it would be equally embarrassing if your cat scratches some of the airplane seats. How about you carry a little fun and scratch toy for your cat while she stays occupied in her little fun time? 

The two-in-one scratch-and-play toy is exciting for your cat to play with. It makes some playful sounds when the cat touches it. It is made of suitable scratch materials to redirect destructive clawing behavior and satisfy the cat’s natural urge to scratch here and there. 

Not only that, it is great for satisfying the physical and mental stimulation of your pet. It is light in weight, appropriate for easy spinning, and interactive enough to exhibit jingle sounds when the cat touches it. 

Food and Water 

Certainly, you don’t want your pet to stay hungry and thirsty while on the airplane. The airplane squad would not have suitable arrangements to take care of your pet’s eating and drinking habits. You can take with yourself this two-in-one feeder. 

It has an automatic design that reinjects water whenever your cat comes closer to drink. It has a food-eating bowl beside the water container in which you can serve the cat’s favorite snack.

There is another reason why we say it is ‘automatic’ because it has a 15° design that does not let the pressure on your cat’s neck while she is bending down to eat. The feeding bowl is even rotatable which lets the pet eat from any direction. The pet would enjoy it while being comfortable at the same time. 

The design contains environmentally-friendly plastic, BPA-free, and non-toxic materials. It does not induce odor and is perfect for keeping your pet’s health a priority. Both the water bottle and feeding dish are easy to remove and wash. 


Cats have specific behaviors that make them comfortable while they are at home or while traveling. They take time to specifically design their territory, which means the health and safety of your pet are significant. You should carefully pick things to carry while travelling With Your Cat as their disturbed moods could trigger their health issues. It would be hard to calm down a fussy cat that would create hardship for the whole flight, its crew, and fellow passengers. 

Do let us know whether the selected checklist (things) for Travelling With Your Cat here helped you in any way. We would be happy to hear from you if you want to add something to it. 

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