Ultimate Guide to Dog Beds: Types and Tips for Keeping Them Clean and Fresh

Dog beds for large dogs

Dogs are adventurous animals and they bring a lot of germs with them inside your home. It is not only important to keep dogs clean but also their living spaces to keep germs and diseases away. 

Eliminating dust and dirt from the spaces where they sleep is highly important for the same reason. In this post, we would help you get aware of how you can keep such bacteria from infecting your home and keeping dog beds clean. For this, we would also familiarize you with some of the best dog beds that are easily washed. 

Types of Dog Beds

This list below includes dog beds for large and medium dogs. The same beds could be use for small dogs too as variations in sizes are available for all of these beds. We have also cited luxury dog beds if your dog has a certain condition, such as arthritis.

Dog Beds for Large Dogs:

A specially designed dog bed for large dogs is something that pet parents of large dogs would love. Why we say they would love has another reason. It is water resistant and can be both used indoors and outdoors. Outdoors when the rain comes and on road trips near the stream are no more issues, making it highly portable.

Extra padding keeps its comfort level high and becomes a premium supportive washable dog bed made with UV-resistant and colour-fading-resistant polyester. This dog bed for large dogs has strong stitching, making it durable and tear-free for both indoor and outdoor use. The material used in its stitching is extremely strong and chew-resistant which frees you from the worry of buying the product again and again. 

Medium Dog Beds:

Medium dog beds are those that are available for all dog breeds so that every size of dog can have comfort. A drawback of this dog bed is that it is not appropriate for dog chewing as it can easily damage and get torn. The torn dog bed is not recommended for a machine wash.

The medium dog bed takes one day after opening the packaging to come to its proper shape and feasible use for the dog. Its fluffiness would come to an appropriate state after you pat and shake the bed. It is made from soft poly filling and tufting on the exterior to ensure comfort for the dog.You can set this bed in the dog’s cage too to give him a nice soft corner to rest. 

Luxury Dog Beds:

Do you know dogs need luxury comfort too? Why? Because some dogs have conditions, such as arthritis that cause stiffness in their body, limping, and difficulty walking. Due to unusual weight gain, dogs need extra care when they experience arthritis. Hence, luxury dog beds with washable covers make it easy for pet owners to clean them in the washing machine.

They are available in a variety of sizes, such as small, medium, large, and jumbo that would suit your dog’s size. Along with coziness, comfort, and security for the dog bones, it is that washable dog bed that is cuddly with an orthopedic cushion support. It has fluffy-filled bolsters on the sides for giving a resting cushion for the dog and fall-free protection from all sides. 

How to Clean Dog Beds

You would find several ways to clean a dog bed as it depends on the type of dog bed you have already bought. If the dog bed has a removable cover sheet, then it is super easy to just put it in the washing machine and dry it out in the sun.

  1. First, vacuum the dog bed, no matter if it is removable or not. It would help you clean dog hair, dirt, and debris out of the bed’s fabric. 
  2. It is also possible to shake outside and then wash dog beds in the washing machine after you have shaken out the residue. 
  3. Cleaning dog bed in washing machine does not remain a problem if the cover is removable and instructions mention washing it with warm water. 
  4. However, cleaning dog bed without removable cover is a task. You would have to spot untidy areas over the bed and then prepare it for deep cleaning. 
  5. By ‘prepare’ we mean vacuum and dust it with good shaking for further washing it with clean water. 
  6. If the dog bed is small, you can soak it in warm water in Thorough mixing of soap or detergent. 
  7. The next step in cleaning dog bed without removable cover is sprinkling baking soda. Having excellent detergent properties, baking soda helps in removing stains when you cannot machine-wash the bed.
  8. Washing dog bed with baking soda would help not only in removing the stains but also bad odours. You can conveniently do so with a scrub brush and rub the soda in every corner. You might also want to sprinkle some baking soda mixed with slight water with a spray bottle beforehand and leave it for 15-20 minutes before thoroughly washing it. 


Choosing the best dog bed for your pet is critical for their general health and well-being. You can choose from orthopedic beds to elevated beds, each with distinct advantages tailored to your dog’s specific needs. But, regardless of the sort of bed you pick, it is essential to keep it clean in order to provide a sanitary and pleasant sleeping environment for your dog.

Frequent washing, vacuuming, and spot cleaning can help to extend the life of the bed and avoid health problems caused by a dirty bed. With appropriate washing of dog bed, its care, and upkeep, your pet may have a nice and clean space to cuddle up in.

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