Pet safe plants

Nowadays, it is a debate about whether to keep pets or plants at home. Plants are as much as good friends for your health and keep you busy while you take care of them as much as pets.

However, vets recommend some plants that are good and safe for your pets, especially cats and dogs.

In this post, We will introduce you to some popular plants recommended by veterinarians for pet safety that you must have in your home for not only better health of you and your pet but also to beautify your living space. We would also give you some tips on how to keep plants pet-safe so that animals do not destroy them by scratching or pushing the plant pots off that window sill. 

Why Indoor Plants Are Good For Pets

Indoor plants can give your pet the stimulation and energy for staying active each day. Although engaged in daily exercises, the greenery gives them a calm environment to live in.

The green plants give out plenty of oxygen and remove harmful air toxins that pose positive health effects for your pets. Both cats and dogs can take advantage of staying close to plants, in which eating one or two of their leaves would keep their tummy healthy.

Still, you need to be mindful that leaves of house safe plants for dogs and cats should be kept in a place where the heavy plant pots do not fall over your pet. Also,

the pet must not eat more of the leaves since vets suggest that some plants might have toxins that could upset their tummy. 

Pet Safe Plants Recommended By Vets

Here is the list of plants for your cat and Vets recommend dog pets The house safe plants for cats and People cite the benefits of dogs. and the ways you can put them in your home so that your pet doesn’t destroy them. 

1: Chinese Money Plant:

It is a large indoor plant that is safe for dogs, It works as an air purifier but needs extra care for light and water preferences. It should be kept in full light exposure. Dogs and cats should be kept away from chewing on it as it can upset their stomach.

Although it is a non-toxic plant for both, it can still be kept on a shelf, book rack, or hang on walls in beautiful pots where white flowers can bloom to make your indoor a lively space. 

2: Catnip:

Veterinarians have approved this plant as safe for cats, and you can keep it indoors. It is not toxic to cats unless they consume an excessive amount of it. The plant is from the mint family, and the scent may refresh your senses as well as the cat’s.

The plant grows best in areas with abundance of sunshine. When cats massage and roll themselves in it, a certain oil in its leaves is beneficial to them. Although the relaxing properties of this herb have been demonstrated, some cats are unaffected by it. Still, it is an excellent addition to the air quality and greenery quotient of your home for internal attractiveness.

3: Prayer Plant:

It is another large indoor plant that is safe for dogs. It is an excellent air purifier plant but needs careful soil changing as there is a high risk of its drying out. Stress reduction is a fundamental benefit for you and your pet along with improving sleep quality.

Keeping it in the bathroom would be a good idea to give a fresh look to your washroom. The plant does not need extra sunlight; indirect light would be fine. Keeping on the window sill that is high in the washroom would not be harmful to the dogs to slip and fall over them. 

4: Parlor Palm:

Talking about large houseplants safe for cats, The parlor palm not only looks beautiful but also receives a safe recommendation from a vets. The plant needs constant pot changing when they grow in size but they do not grow more than 2-2.5 feet. It is a brilliant air purifier that humidifies indoor air and gives abundant amounts of oxygen which is good for your and your pet’s physical and mental health. The plant does not need direct sunlight and can survive in low light too.

If cats chew on one or two leaves of this plant, it won’t hurt their tummy. Eating more of its leaves is not safe, hence, you must keep it in a way that is unappealing to them. Cats do not like anything that has citrus. Spraying some orange or lemon juice over the plant would keep the cats away from destroying it as well. 

5: Spider Plant:

Do you know, Spider plants attract cats? Because they are a bit hallucinogenic. It means that certain toxins in these plants can cause hallucinations, dizziness, and mood changes among pets. However, The American Society also approves this plant, and veterinarians recommend it for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) that this large household plant is safe for cats.

Spider plant needs moderate to bright light and medium temperature to grow. You shouldn’t be surprised that it is one more air-purifying plant that is a great addition to your indoor gardening. It removes toxins from your home air and gives plenty of fresh oxygen, which is a great health benefit for you and your pet. Since spider plants have long, needle-like leaves, making it pet safe would be necessary. You can hang spider plants in pots over the walls or keep them on high windows. 

6: Purple Waffle:

A cute and attractive house safe plant for dogs is the purple waffle, which is as tempting to watch as its name. Undoubtedly, this is an air-purifying plant that eliminates harmful air toxins from your indoors. It has a little pointy bush-like structure when new leaves shoot up.

You can cut them to keep the plant pet-safe. Moreover, the plant needs bright light coming directly from the windows. Without enough light, the purple color that gives richness to the plant would fade away. Hanging baskets would make the presentation of this plant gorgeous and safe from pet destruction. 


Following the recommendations of a trusted veterinarian is essential for the health and well-being of our pets. Veterinary professionals have the knowledge of what surroundings would suit your pet and what house safe plants for dogs and cats you can have in your home. 

The above post would help you in knowing what pet safe plants you can buy, how you can take care of them, and how you can protect them from your pets’ damage.

Hanging them on walls and keeping them on high window sills are two good options, however, spraying plants with certain citrus can help pets come close and destroy the greens. 

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